Symbolic acts of feminine freedom

In “Symbolic acts of feminine freedom”, Anne Theriault explores the idea that women have been using fashion to subvert the patriarchal society they live in for centuries. She argues that by using fashion to communicate their own ideas about femininity,…

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Destinations to travel alone as a woman

There are many reasons a woman might want to travel alone. Maybe she’s been dreaming of a solo adventure for years, or maybe she’s recently become single and is looking for a new way to explore the world. Whatever the…

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Hair removal: the different feminist discourses

The article examines different feminist perspectives on hair removal. It looks at the history of hair removal, the reasons why women remove hair, and the different ways that hair removal is viewed by feminists. The article concludes that there is…

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The mini-skirt: the story of a symbol of emancipation

The mini-skirt: the story of a symbol of emancipation. The mini-skirt is a short skirt that is worn by women. It is considered to be a symbol of emancipation and freedom for women. The mini-skirt was first designed by Mary…

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